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Our workshops are organized in alignment with core principles that strengthen transformative relationship building:

1. Using power with trust building

2. Using contemplative practice goals

3. Using empathy

4. Going beyond fear and aggression

5. Going beyond us and them

6. Making agreements and commitments that create space for further transformative action (infrastructure)

7. Developing pathways to transformative communication: liberated narrative as the foundation for acknowledging past harms and interrupting complicity in supremacist norms.
8. Abolitionist teaching, especially those introduced by Bettina Love foster:

9. Anti-racist action and commitments

10. Peer to peer commitments and engagement
11. Panoramic community action plans.


Our Abolitionist restorative justice workshops and trainings have been offered to or 500 people. Here are some of things people are saying about our work together:


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