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Our workshops are organized in alignment with core principles that strengthen transformative relationship building:
Flywheel Workshops


Flywheel workshops intent on providing a container or space where participants feel that their experience is well held. It focuses on immersion in an environment that can meet you where you are. We realize that we are all dealing with the impacts and social constraints of dominance and oppression. We also embody dignity, power, love, strength, wisdom and courage. Flywheel workshops maximize the positive impact of actions and aspirations which grow out of these basic human qualities. 


The workshops develop abolitionist awareness and skill sharing action through building the following capacities:


  • Power: Realization of personal power
  • Effectiveness/confidence: Strengthening the dynamic relationship between self awareness and social transformation
  • Embodiment: going deeper into foundations of power
  • Connectivity and Communication:personal action plans
  • Peer to peer commitments and engagement
  • Actualizing Liberated Narrative: creating a new language and new spaces  (freedom dreaming etc)
  • Resourcefulness and Collaboration (group action plans)
  • Utilizing transformative awareness (actionable) of identity, place in modeling liberated narrative 
  • Community action

Techniques (how, what and why)


Using contemplative practice to gain a firm footing we extend that out to each other so we can build a community that overcomes damaged trust and weakened sense of connection. We ground our actions in the empathy, clarity and love nurtured through these contemplative space and practices. That openness, trust and love becomes the foundation for further work with others and skill sharing. Skill sharing creates further trust and better connection between groups. We begin to enjoy the power of our collective labor when we see its results, its impact and its staying power. These ultimately creative practices are the foundation of our abolitionist approach.


  • Contemplative practice: Going beyond fear, aggression and enemies
  • Challenging norms of supremacy 
  • Generosity: the first gift we give is our presence
  • Skill sharing/alternative infrastructure building
  • Transformative Action: (restorative and other forms)
  • Repairing the harm of systemic abuse (trust through action)
  • Abolition, co-conspirator and co-liberation
Build Strength, Stability, Clarity and Compassion tobe able to:
  • Use NVC to accomplish connection and provide empathy
  • Use contemplative practice to go beyond fear and aggression
  • Use Abolitionist Restorative Justice to make build community, repair harm or work through conflicts
  • Engage in creative collaboration build sustainable collective agreements and community resources

To make sure our workshops are available to everyone who needs them, we offer a sliding fee scale.  


For more information contact Dr. Damita Brown [email protected]


Our Abolitionist restorative justice workshops and trainings have been offered to or 500 people. Here are some of things people are saying about our work together:

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