The Big Share – March 2nd!

Hello friends, supporters, and change-makers! The Dane County TimeBank is excited to be part of Community Shares and The Big Share again this year on Tuesday, March 2nd. We need your help! Please help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 to support our Abolitionist Restorative Justice Project. Our focus this year is on increasing the number of Black Restorative Justice Practitioners and building our Black Youth Ambassador Core. Your support directly contributes to putting the power of restorative justice in the hands of those most impacted. With your help we are increasing capacity and providing opportunities for the Black community to define community justice and determine what restorative justice looks like in our communities and in our schools. This work is critical to building and redefining what justice looks like. You can help, we need you!

The criminalization of children, specifically Black children, disrupts one of the most important protective factors for youth, their education. Your contribution is essential in ensuring youth have the opportunity to be heard, supported, and become our future leaders. Your dollars support interrupting the cycle of harm and disrupting structural racism through investing in youth-led, community based restorative processes. Now that the police are out of schools, we are moving into this space with a sense of purpose and dedication to youth-led restorative justice practices. Community voices matter. Give today!

Beyond the basics like food, supplies, transportation, and staffing, your support provides us the opportunity to take this work deeper. It allows us to lift the voices of youth and families disproportionately impacted by arrest and school push out, ensuring that folks have the opportunity to tell their stories, share their experiences, and lead this work. It allows us to work towards 360 degree accountability within our communities. Your dollars support trainings, workshops, and discussion groups focused on social, restorative, and racial justice issues. Your contribution directly contributes to disrupting the structural racism within our systems and institutions. Your support allows us to invest in prevention, do community organizing and contribute to movement building and action. Your support allows us to continue learning, growing, and connecting as human beings working for justice and Black Liberation. Join the movement and give today. 

This is mindset shift work. This is a movement for change.

We need you. Please join us and help us reach our goal!

Here’s what folks are saying about the TimeBank’s restorative justice work:

“It’s like I’m trying to change but when people hold my past against me I can’t. RJ makes me feel like somebody cares.” – 10th grade student

“I like being able to talk about real problems with people who understand and not judge, I never use to feel like I could talk about these things, but now I do” – student, age 15

“RJ makes me feel important, it makes me smile” – 10th grade student

“The process was reflective and good. It helps to have a lot of input from the people in your life who care about you. We didn’t know how much the people in our community cared about us and wanted us to succeed.” – two youth, ages 14 and 15, involved in a conflict

“The RJ program had a big impact on my life in many ways. It helped me grow up and take responsibility for my actions and now I think about the consequences of what I do.” – youth, age 16

“Before the session I was too embarrassed to talk about what I did, but at the session I felt like I expressed myself like never before. There were a lot of things going on that led up to this and the other students listened to and understood that.” – youth, age 16

“Thank you for listening to my child’s side of the story. This is the first time we’ve experienced that. Nobody else has listened to us.” – parent

“I talked to _______ and ______ today. It sounds as if your restorative conversation did really well. ______ actually ended up checking in with _____ today to see how she was doing and even talked a little about their life and not all their shared drama. Thank you for taking the time to do this with them. I think it made a big difference. I really appreciate it and you.” – High School Teacher

We need you to reach our goal. Please give today and share this opportunity to invest in youth rather than criminalize them. 

Please share this opportunity for investment broadly and give what you can!

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