what is skillsharing

Skill sharing is a community-based practice involving offering and receiving resources, skills, services, or contributions that benefit fellow community members. With the intention of moving our communities away from capitalist values which are driven by exploitation, greed and inequality, we are cultivating collective forms of economic solidarity in order to strengthen our ability to sustain ourselves outside the confines of systemic abuse, collapse of disasters whether natural or man made. By teaching each other the basic skills needed for a community to flourish and strengthening the values and principles that bring out the best in one another, we are building the kind of world we want to live in while we dismantle systems grounded in violence, hatred, denial and fear. The two main types of skills share our staff engages in are abolitionist restorative justice and timebanking. We strive to bring abolitionist restorative practices to all our endeavors and teach this philosophy and practice in our workshops and trainings.

what is time banking


Simply put, timebanking is a currency system where time replaces dollars and cents. Members of a timebank contribute hours of service within a community in exchange for time credits that can be used for whatever services they may need and are available. Timebanks are grassroots, diy exchange networks. The timebanking infrastructure supports community directed non-monetary skill sharing. The timebank database allows offers and needs within the community to become visible, allowing the opportunity to match untapped resources with unmet needs. Flywheel utilizes timebanking as a way to fight back against racism and capitalism by focusing our efforts on facilitating projects and exchanges that center Black liberation, abolitionist restorative justice, and contemplative practices. Flywheel supports and utilizes timebanking as a way to develop and sustain creative and innovative community-led projects that increase our collective wellness and liberation.



Timebanks across the globe have been shown to:

  • Reduce social isolation
  • Build community connections
  • Link people to one another and to resources
  • Increase support networks
  • Increase sense of belonging
  • Provide skill building opportunities
  • Increase civic engagement
  • Build trust, empathy, and confidence
  • Increase economic and social opportunities
  • Increase co-production and creative solutions
  • Shift power dynamics and create a more just and healthy community


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