Drivers for the Flywheel Skillshare transportation project help people needing rides to access safe transport. Rides can be for health related appointments, rides to food pantries or the grocery store, employment, social and recreational opportunities, errands and appointments, and more. Approved drivers receive Flywheel Skillshare hours for their time driving and earn gift cards for driving members. In collaboration with Dane County Transportation Services and local health providers, the Flywheel Skillshare transportation project fills gaps in services for those needing access to transportation resources. Drivers participating in the Transportation Project go through a higher level background check facilitated by Dane County Human Services. 


Our mission in the Transportation Program is to address community needs and provide transportation for under-served and under-resourced populations in Madison. These needs are continuing and increasing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. 
Both pre-existing gaps in the transportation infrastructure and the COVID-19 outbreak make many communities especially vulnerable in these times. At the Flywheel Skillshare, we recognize that past crisis responses have not done enough to keep everyone safe and have caused significant harm for black people in the United States. In addition, nonprofits with white leadership, such as the Flywheel Skillshare, have often had significant oversight on the needs of the black community and have demonstrated a lack of action against structural racist violence. I am committing to staying educated and accountable to furthering the Flywheel Skillshare mission for an anti-racist crisis response, and coordinating our transportation network and resources in order to prioritize the needs of people of color, seniors, people with disabilities, individuals who live on low incomes, and people who experience homelessness. 
With the new Stay-At-Home order and ever-changing guidelines, we are adapting our process and setting new priorities based on new guidelines and needs. Our main concern with coordinating rides is to make sure drivers and riders are safe, and to minimize the risk of exposure as much as possible. 
At the moment, we will be focusing on rides to pick up and drop off groceries, food, essential supplies, and medication. The Stay-At-Home order allows for “travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons” and to make trips for essential goods. We want to make sure our drivers can practice social distancing (having at least 6 feet distance) while still delivering essential resources for people in need. We will not be able to safely provide rides for people to dialysis or other medical appointments at this time, out of concern for the health of the riders. 
We are recruiting drivers to deliver food and supplies. We are looking for any support we can get, and are hoping to develop a schedule of drivers who can be on call. You can go to ‘My Account’ on the Dane County Flywheel Skillshare site. Under “Opportunities”, press “I’m interested in becoming an approved driver”. You can also email [email protected] for a driver application and share your availability for a Zoom or phone call orientation. 
If you are unable to travel to the grocery store or have food/supplies/medication delivered to your home through other means, please reach out to [email protected] or call 608-561-2194. We will do our best to connect you with a driver in a timely manner. 
Thank you. Stay safe everyone. 


Through our Transportation Project, we address community needs and provide transportation for under-served or resource-challenged populations, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals who live on low incomes. Flywheel Skillshare members have the opportunity to help neighbors get to medical appointments, restorative justice circles, grocery stores, food pantries, after-school activities, and other resources. These needs are continuing and increasing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We are staying up to date on CDC guidelines, only prioritizing essential trips, and making sure drivers and riders are safe (see Safety Protocol below). Our priority is to make sure we have enough drivers to help people get to their dialysis appointments, and we hope to explore ways of supporting other mutual aid efforts to deliver food and supplies to people who can’t leave their homes. People who need a ride can reach out to the Dane County Flywheel Skillshare, and then we will connect them with an available driver who will be a good match for their needs. This works best when it is planned in advance. We are looking to expand our pool of approved drivers to best accommodate ride requests. We are looking for any support we can get. People can sign up to drive people for weekly appointments, or you can make occasional or monthly rides, whichever fits your schedule best. We also want to increase our pool of backup drivers in the case that the main driver is unable to make a trip that day. Flywheel Skillshare drivers gain Flywheel Skillshare hours for every ride that you provide. Plus, for every 100 miles that you drive giving Flywheel Skillshare rides, you will receive a $25 Visa gift card. If you are already a Flywheel Skillshare-approved driver and want to get involved, please email [email protected] with your availability, and whether you are interested in helping people get to their appointments and/or help with people getting groceries and other supplies. If you or someone you know is not yet a Flywheel Skillshare-approved driver but wants to get involved, email [email protected] for a driver application and share your availability for a Zoom or phone call orientation. When we coordinate our resources together, we can meet people’s needs and help people get through hard times. We would love as many people who are able to get involved in our Transportation Program and help solve transportation challenges in the community. Thank you. 



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