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Abolitionist Restorative Justice

Flywheel SkillShare and Restorative Justice   The Flywheel SkillShare has been practicing restorative justice work in Dane County and within the schools. This work has included responsive restorative conversations that offer an anti-racist framework and restorative justice circles.    What is Abolitionist Restorative Justice?   Abolitionist Restorative Justice is a theory and practice of community-based approach to doing community building, responding when harm is caused or healing damaged relationships. This work is based on 360-degree accountability, mutual concern, dignity and respect.    Grounded in the view that all members of a community are worthy

Food Justice

The Flywheel SkillshareGarden Project was started in 2013, organized by a group of motivated Flywheel Skillshare members interested in sharing time and resources to build gardens where ground was otherwise being unused – front yards, back yards, terrace areas, and other open space. The project aims to educate and engage our community through the time-honored tradition of cultivating the land on which we live. Connect with neighbors to share skills and resources as we work together to grow, eat, and redistribute healthy food.    For the Garden Project this year the Flywheel Skillshare, Rooted,

Transformative Action Network

What is the Transformative Action Network (TAN)?   Purpose:  By learning to relate effectively with racism and interrupt patterns of white supremacist culture, TAN members become allies and co-conspirators to Black and Brown community members. Using restorative justice work, TAN is helping Flywheel Skillshare build resilience instead of fragility, action instead of silence and solidarity instead of hierarchy. Abolitionist restorative practices become powerful tools that enhance mutuality and respect across gender, race and class lines. They lead to the kind of collaboration that can move Madison beyond anemic liberalism to real


Drivers for the Flywheel Skillshare transportation project help people needing rides to access safe transport. Rides can be for health related appointments, rides to food pantries or the grocery store, employment, social and recreational opportunities, errands and appointments, and more. Approved drivers receive Flywheel Skillshare hours for their time driving and earn gift cards for driving members. In collaboration with Dane County Transportation Services and local health providers, the Flywheel Skillshare transportation project fills gaps in services for those needing access to transportation resources. Drivers participating in the Transportation Project

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