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Flywheel promotes a holistic and structural view of the food system that sees healthy food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right. Food Justice is about who grows our food, how it is grown, where it is grown, who gets to eat, and the pleasure and celebration of eating food, that is good food, clean food, fair food. Food Justice tells us that growing and eating food are political acts that challenge a system that is neither good, nor clean, nor fair.   

People of color are the most severely impacted by hunger, poor food access, diet-related illness and other problems with the food system. The food justice movement works not only for access to healthy food for all, but also examines the structural roots of these disparities — and works for racial and economic justice, too. This work isn’t new. People of color have been bringing historical injustices in the food system to light and have been working toward empowering alternatives. The project will also invite the participation of low-income communities of all races.  

Through the coordination of this project Flywheel uses a food justice lens to examine questions of access to healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate food, as well as: ownership and control of land, credit, knowledge, and other resources; the constituent labor of food production; what kind of food traditions are valued. We will contribute to the decolonization of food systems one garden at a time.  

Through our collective work we promote skill sharing to build food systems that are more just. We are looking to coordinate networks of people interested in land sharing, gardening/farming, skill sharing, education, harvesting, food distribution, and sharing farm to table meals. 

Flywheel’s Garden project increases opportunities for those with limited access or means to provide their own fresh and healthy food. Using a skill sharing model we will provide start to finish support from design to harvest for 8 to 10 families wherever they live. The project aims to: 

  • Promote the wellness benefits of digging in the dirt and connection to the earth. 
  • Bring out the richness of all communities who care about the connection to the food they eat and to support their efforts to mend the gaps in our food supply system that create food insecurity 
  • Create space for community members who are experiencing food insecurity to build the skills and community cooperation needed to eliminate the problem for ourselves through a community centered approach to feeding ourselves and each other  
  • Facilitate consistent skill sharing opportunities that produce more confidence in what people already have to bring to the table, a higher gardening skill level, and more connection to others who want the same 
  • Host community meals with food harvested from the project (And invite local chef and cooks of diverse backgrounds to participate.) 

Contact [email protected] to learn more and get involved!

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