Why did Dane County Timebank become Flywheel Skillshare?  

  • Through the expansion of the Restorative Justice program and Transformative Action Network, Dane County Timebank recognized the importance of abolitionist restorative justice being an integral focus of timebanking and community building. To further the mission of meeting needs and addressing community issues, Dane County Timebank prioritized antiracist community organizing as a way to ensure that resource and skillsharing benefits marginalized communities. The Timebank team wanted a new name to reflect this core focus. A flywheel is a device that distributes rotational energy and increases a machine’s momentum and sustainability. Changing the name helps visualize how Flywheel’s projects uplift the skills and creativity of communities and energize social change. Members of Flywheel Skillshare still share skills and talents with each other, with more of an emphasis on collective exchanges.  


How do I become a member? 

  • You can sign up to be a member by clicking Join on the homepage. You can then fill out a short member application. A Flywheel coordinator will approve your application.  
  • Completing an orientation is the final step to become a member. There are many ways to complete an orientation. You can watch a series of orientation videos, which will be sent to your email after your application is approved. You can also schedule a Zoom or phone call orientation with a Flywheel coordinator. There are also monthly Flywheel Socials and/or Exchange Circles, where new and existing members gather to learn about how to make the most of a Flywheel membership and share needs and skills with each other to start making exchanges.  
  • A yearly membership fee is required for members. These fees go towards Flywheel’s collective projects, work supporting Black youth, and the facilitation of restorative justice trainings. In recognizing the need for reparations and expanding opportunities to people whose skills are often invalidated, Black people, Indigenous people, Latinx people, Asian people, and other people of color, as well as people living with disabilities and people living on low incomes, qualify for a free membership. 


What are the benefits to membership?  

  • Members participate in the democracy of the Flywheel community. Members can vote for new board members and contribute to decisions about organizational changes.  
  • Members can collaborate to create projects that address needs in their community, with Flywheel staff support and resources. 
  • Members get free access to abolitionist restorative justice trainings, workshops, skillshare tutorials, wellness offerings, and educational opportunities.   


What should I include in my account? 

  • Members include what contact information they prefer to be contacted at by other members. This information is only visible to members. 
  • Members can write what skills they are interested in sharing. Members can select general categories that they are open to helping out with.  
  • Members can update their availability calendar so other members can see if you are able to share skills at a time that works for them.  
  • Members can subscribe to different projects for updates about meetings and calls-to-action. 


How do I update my account? 

  • Once logged in, you can go to ‘My Account’ and change your email address, phone number, or password.  
  • Forgotten your password? Click here and you will be sent an email to reset your password.   
  • Having additional trouble logging into your account? Email [email protected] and a staff member will help you.  
  • To disable or terminate your account, go to ‘My Account’.  


How do I know whether making one-to-one exchanges are safe? 

  • Flywheel Skillshare is grounded in values of abolitionist restorative justice, which breaks down beliefs about ‘us’ and ‘them’. Foundations of ARJ allow transformative spaces to build trust with each other. Instead of requiring background checks as was once part of Timebank membership, Flywheel uses circles and other restorative practices to create an environment of trust and accountability with each other. We keep us safe.  
  • We also encourage people who meet online to meet first in a public place and make sure you two are on the same page about expectations of the exchange.  


What kinds of things can I offer and request?  

  • Skillshare offerings can be creative and expansive! Here are some examples of things Flywheel members can offer: 
  • Art or music classes 
  • Tutoring 
  • Storytelling  
  • Phone companionship 
  • Cleaning or organizing someone’s house 
  • Moving furniture 
  • Lawn care 
  • Cooking 
  • Driving a person to an appointment, errands, or employment 
  • Problem solving  
  • Letter writing  
  • Canvassing or phonebanking 
  • Resource navigation 
  • Wellness, healing, exercise 
  • Tax assistance, legal assistance 
  • Advocacy 
  • Coordinating a project or event 
  • There is no monetary exchange between members.  


What kinds of projects can members start and/or participate in?  

  • Projects bring together multiple members who want to address a common and collective need. Projects must further antiracist goals and principles. Members who want to start a project can reach out to Flywheel staff for a consultation. Here are some examples of what projects can address: 
  • Food access  
  • Resources as alternatives to calling police  
  • Mental health support 
  • Holistic health 
  • Deep canvassing 
  • Childcare 
  • Moving  
  • Home Repair 
  • Recycling and upcycling 
  • Gardening 


How do I make the most of my membership?  

  • We can best meet community needs when members are proactive, both in sharing their skills and reaching out to each other about their needs. If you haven’t heard back from any members about your request, you can search in our member directory for any relevant offerings or any members who have a skill or category interest that applies to your request. You can message members directly through the site.  

Want to join Flywheel Skillshare?

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