Everywhere Gardens – regular skillshares, new ways to move forward. Join in!


First – TOMORROW Tuesday April 7, 6pm, join us on zoom for a special Everywhere Gardens session with Dawn Morrison of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty! More info (and more skillshare and connecting events) here.

— and more —

Some of you have been with the timebank’s garden project since the beginning, as it has morphed along with conditions, participants, life…

Join us as we navigate making regenerative gardens everywhere, with partners local and global! Working with Dane County TimeBank’s partner coop project, the Madison Mutual Aid Network, and lots of partners individual and organizational, with more joining up all the time.

Every Tuesday at 6pmCDT and Sunday 2-4CDT (Sunday Skool) we’ll hold learning and doing sessions to realize this vision, until further notice.

Earn timebank hours, there’s something each of you can do to participate.

Hope to connect with you!

Mutual Aid Networks

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