How to create a new email

  1. Click on ‘Dashboard’ inside of the email system

2. Click on ‘Create new email’

3. click on ‘classic campaign’ and then click on ‘create’

4. click on ‘start from empty template’

5. From here you can constuct a custom email to look how you would like or you can simply use a post for a much faster method. watch the video below on how to use a post as an email.

6. Once the email is ready to send. Select ‘test send’ to test it out. Select ‘apply’ to save it and go to the next step.

7. Fill out the campaign name, Email Subject and email preview line(optional). Click on ‘save and continue’ to move to the next section.

8. Click on the target email list. Currently, ‘Newsletters’ is the email list of all members. Once the target list is selected click on ‘save & continue’.

9. This section is already injected with default values. Complete fields as needed and specify when the email should send. Select ‘save & continue’ to proceed.

10. On this page you can send a test email to specified email addresses. Click on ‘save & continue’ to proceed.

11. Review everything on this page. Once you are ready to send, click on ‘Add to the queue’

12. Once the emails start sending, the browser must remain open while sending.

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