Can you help share some rides? Join the transportation team! Ride support needed.

Hi all! We have a number of ways you can support people dealing with transportation barriers. Sign up and offer to share a ride today. Your engagement helps us collectively build autonomous, sustainable, and a mutually supportive transportation options.

Here are the current opportunities to support by driving:

  1. Gary needs a ride home from the dialysis center at 4600 American Parkway in Madison at 5pm on Fridays. He lives on the eastside about 10ish minutes from the center. We need temporary support for this ride through May. Short term or long-term support is extremely appreciated.
  2. Teresa needs a ride to dialysis every Monday. As you may know people typically have several dialysis appointments each week and finding transportation to get to your medical appointments is stressful. If you can help us get this regular ride covered for Teresa that would be wonderful. She gets picked up on Mondays at 10am at her place near Monona Dr and Pflaum Road and goes to the dialysis center at 4600 American Parkway.  It’s about a 10-15 minute drive. If you are able to help with this we can get you her address and phone number so you have what you need. We need help with this asap. Long term commitments or specific one-time dates that you could help are welcome!
  3. A woman goes grocery shopping once every 6 weeks, and she uses her landlord’s car. She needs a ride from her house (on Ironwood Dr) to her landlord’s house (on Cottontail Trail). It’s a short drive, only 5 minutes. She always goes on Tuesdays, typically around 9:30am. If you are interested in helping with this ride, please let us know.
  4. We are hoping to be able to meet in person with our youth abolitionist restorative justice ambassadors soon. These youth meet on Tuesdays after school. We’re looking for a few drivers who are able to pick up students at LaFollette High School after school around 4 on Tuesdays and bring them to the meeting and then bring them home afterwards. The meetings typically last about an hour. If you’re interested in supporting this group a couple hours each week, please let us know.
  5. A person is looking for a ride to and from church on Sundays. He lives in Sun Prairie and goes to church in Monona. 
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